10 Things To Do Ten Days Before an Ironman, Kona Too

The IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii is in ten days.  But you need to know what to do ten days  before any Ironman distance event, not just Kona, right?  This also applies to 70.3 races, races that are important to you!

Not a great bike mechanic?  Me neither. Have your local guys check out your steed.  What is the cost of this compared to the mental cost of a broken chain at mile 20 on the bike course? I've never had a bike related issue in any triathlon, ever, following this recommendation. 

Practice your transitions.  This always baffles me when guys in my age group spend double, even triple the amount of time I do in transition and wonder why their times don't go down.

Review the swim, bike and run courses of your event.  If the race site isn't too far away, drive over there and go over the course, maybe even run a couple miles on the run route and bike a few on the bike course.

Plan your nutrition strategy.  Purchase everything you'll need from the minute you wake up on race day.  Yes everything for breakfast too if you can.

Hydration.  Are you a drink to thirst athlete or one who goes on more of a schedule?  How will you keep track of what you consume on the bike.  Have you ever peed on a moving bike?  Is that a skill you need to master?

What about after the race?  What will you eat?  What clothes/flip flops will you change into?  If you do well in your age group, will you wait around for the awards ceremony?  It could be quite some time after you finish.

Do have any idea what would happen if you got injured? Do you know where the med tent is?

Do you know where the timing table is should you lose your chip?  It happens.

This is just an outline of the things you do today to make race day go as smoothly as possible.

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