Athlete Deletes WTC Offer of Kona Slot Thinking a Hoax!

Think it couldn't happen to you?  

Think your first thought wouldn't be someone from your bike group just trying to be funny?  Maybe getting back at you for a previous prank?

All 2500+ Kona racers names are on this wall out side race headquarters

You must have been there.  Maybe just daydreaming.  One day you'd flip on your laptop and there it would be, "Welcome to the World Championship in Kona, Hawaii."  But crikey, would simply hit delete thinking it bogus as one Utah based athlete did without at least researching it?

While taking a respite from the sun under the shade of a Banyan tree at the 2017 Ironman Expo, my Kona condo roomie Steve began chatting with the young man relaxing likewise in the grass while waiting for his wife.  Also a triathlete, she had a few more booths to hit in the Athlete Village.  Apparently there was a program at this year's Boulder Ironman race called "The Road to Kona Goes through Boulder" where ten slots would be given away to what appears to be ten random entrants.  Perhaps this athlete was, on one plane aware of it, but quickly thoughts turned to the job at hand, 140.6 miles in Colorado can be a tough job.

Race day comes and goes, he does well, and then gets back to normal life.  Until some time later he receives what he thinks is a prank email congratulating him on being selected as one of the ten winners of a slot on the starting line October 14 on the Big Island.  Delete.  Probably just a buddy toying with him.  They've done that kind of thing to each other before.  Not getting the expected "Yeah boy, I'm going to Hawaii" response, WTC attempts to contact him at work but that proves less than successful. Then they get up with his wife, who, on his race entry, was listed as his emergency contact.  

Whew, that worked.  She passed on the true "dream come true news" and here he is, lying in the grass, 25 feet from the the World Championship course, "living the dream."

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