A Quick Guide / Ideas to write your first About Me Page Content.  Remember, you're just getting started, so an about me paragraph is really about you at this point, and not necessarily about your company... this is the baseline for that.  Pick any number of these to help get the creative juices going...

1. How did your childhood prepare you for your job today? 

2. What's your dream occupation? -- assuming this is it!

3. Do you have hidden talents most people don't know about?

4. What one accomplishment are you most proud of?

5. What embarrassing mistake have you made that has taught you a lesson?

6. What's your favorite sports team and how far will you go to show your support? Many experts recommend including fun facts. For example, "I LOVE the Dallas Cowboys and I wear cowgirl boots."

7. Share something funny or endearing about your pet.

8.  What's your guilty pleasure? Mine is reading the National Enquirer online.

9. How did people describe you in your high school yearbook?

10. Who's your best friend and why?

11. What's on your bucket list?